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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that can cause significant impairments in areas such as social skills, communication and can cause behavioral challenges. According to the Centers for Disease Control the most recent estimates show that 1 in 59 children have ASD. If you believe your child may have ASD, talk to your child’s doctor and share your concerns. Ask for a referral to a specialist who can do a more in-depth assessment of your child.

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We pride ourselves on achieving results. We create customized patient-centered treatment plans and work with your schedule. Ongoing education is provided to our staff to ensure best practices are followed.

Answers to Frequent Questions

Questions about our autistic care services Answered

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA is a scientifically proven therapy to help children on the Autism Spectrum. Children with ASD often need help with general social skills and behaviors. ABA therapy works by breaking down tasks into simple, attainable steps. Those steps are continued until they are mastered.  While mastering these tasks, our therapy helps to reduce challenging behaviors and teach foundational skills.

Do I have a choice where therapy will be delivered?

Our staff can provide ABA therapy in your home or in one of our centers. In-home services allow your child to learn in their natural environment. Center-based services allow your child to engage in countless social skills opportunities. Based on your child’s age, school readiness skills can also be targeted through activities in our small groups. It is our goal to find what works best for you and your family.

How do we get started?

Step 1: Call our main office for a free phone consultation.

  • Learn about the services we offer and how we can best fit your needs.

Step 2: Initial Skills Assessment

  • A Behavior Consultant will administer a skills assessment with your child. An in-depth interview will be conducted with you, the parent, to gain further understanding of your goals for treatment. Based on the the assessment results, a set number of treatment hours will be recommended to fit the needs of your child. We work with your availability to create a custom schedule in order to maximize treatment potential.

Step 3: Start of Treatment

  • A case open meeting will occur on your first day of service and will include your Behavior Consultant and Behavior Technician to review the customized treatment plan.

Step 4: Consistent Follow-Up

  • Each month you’ll meet with your Behavior Consultant to review progress, address concerns, and learn more about Applied Behavior Analysis. You’ll be involved in the treatment process every step of the way.

Who will be involved in my child’s care?

Your treatment team will consist of a Behavior Consultant, Behavior Technician, and a Center Coordinator.

The Behavior Consultant will be the driving force of your child’s ABA treatment. The Behavior Consultant will be the one who conducts your child’s skills assessment every six months, creates customized programming to target the skills your child needs and will supervise the behavior technician each week to ensure the highest quality treatment.

The Behavior Technician will provide one-on-one therapy. Your behavior technician will implement the specific programs targeting the skills your child needs.

The Center Coordinator is your go-to person for all of your non-clinical needs such as scheduling and insurance questions.

What can I expect going forward?

Open and ongoing communication to ensure your satisfaction with the services provided. You’ll meet once a month with your Behavior Consultant to review progress, discuss treatment goals and learn more about how to use ABA techniques everyday with your child.

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