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Catastrophic Care Specialists

Caring for those who’ve gone through trauma

Tragedy can occur at any time resulting in major injury. A catastrophic injury generally involves a severe injury to the spine, spinal cord, or brain. This often causes the need for very specialized care once discharged from the hospital.

Why Choose Mercy Plus?

We have Catastrophic Care specialists ready to assist

Mercy Plus provides interdisciplinary collaboration between doctors, nurses, therapists, and aides to ensure you receive comprehensive treatment, getting you back to your fullest potential as quickly as possible.

Answers to Frequent Questions

Questions about Catastrophic Care Answered

What services does Mercy Plus provide?

Our team includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Nursing, and skilled nurse aides. Our therapists and nurses will provide services under a physician approved plan of care. Our aides assist you with activities of daily living such as getting ready for the day, transportation into the community or to your doctor appointments, meal preparation, and more. Our plan of care is updated continually to keep you progressing to your highest potential.

Does my insurance cover all necessary services?

Many catastrophic injuries are a result of a motor vehicle accident. If this is the case for you, Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance will cover your services. If your injuries are of a different cause, we would contact your health insurance company to determine what type of coverage you have. In some cases there are other options for coverage such as workers compensation or state Medicaid programs. Private pay at a competitive rate is always an option as well.

What can I expect as time goes on?

  • Open and ongoing communication to ensure your satisfaction with the services provided.
  • Collaboration with your healthcare team to ensure you are achieving appropriate goals to get you in optimal condition.

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