Adult & Senior Home Care Services

Care for your loved ones in their home

Adult & Senior Home Care Specialists

Care services for your family in their home

There’s no place like home. Many prefer to remain living in their home rather than in a skilled nursing facility. As clients physical and/or cognitive abilities decline, they may need assistance to safely live at home.

Why Choose Mercy Plus?

We have adult & Senior Home Care specialists ready to assist

Mercy Plus has been serving the local population since 2009. To keep your loved one living safe at home, it often requires assistance with life’s daily tasks. Whether it’s getting ready for the day, running errands, cleaning around the house, or tucking in at night, our aides can help.  We can also provide private duty nursing for those requiring more extensive care.

Answers to Frequent Questions

Questions about Adult & Senior Home Care Services Answered

What services can an aide perform?

Basic housekeeping, bath, shower, incontinence care, colostomy care, catheter care, medication reminder, transfer in/out of bed, stand-by assist for walking, transportation out in the community, running errands, meal preparation, and companionship.

Does my insurance cover these services?

Your insurance may cover homecare services. You may qualify for services through other payer sources such as long-term care insurance, special grants, Medicaid waiver programs, etc. Private pay with competitive rates is available as well.

What can I expect as time goes on?

Open and ongoing communication to ensure your satisfaction with the services provided.

Supervisory visits from a Registered Nurse to continue authorization for services as needed.

Peace of mind.

How do I get started?

Contact our office to discuss your specific needs. A Registered Nurse will visit to go over an agreed upon service plan for your caregiver to follow. We may be able to get started as early as the next day.

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